AI has become to distinguish various sounds in the music, and can separate vocals from the final mix. Vocalremover uses a pre-trained tensorflow machine learning model.

Latest Vocalremoved Songs

Date Title
09.22 22:38 vinheta-de-patrocinio-do-jornal-nacional-dez-2013
09.23 02:54 1
09.23 07:38 Madhavi Madhu Malathi Song
09.23 08:40 Krishna Paksha Kili Chilachu
09.23 11:14 long long time
09.23 16:00 though i forgot the name
09.23 18:41 05. LOST
09.24 00:44 Too Much Love Will Kill You by Jovit Baldivino Karaoke Dj Dhonzkie_00_03_38-00_04_23 - oDownloader
09.24 01:20 1

Upload a music file and receive an email with vocal separated tracks.

Audio and video file types such as mp3 (audio), mp4 (video), m4a (mp4 audio only) are supported. Other types work if the audio track is compatible.

File is queued and processed in turn. Music source separation AI does take some time, you will receive an email with mp3 attachments when all things are done and ready. Sit back and relax!

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